Beard Trim

When it comes to the beard it is usually quality over quantity, usually all it takes is just a little clean up is in order feel fresh and sharp again. Sometimes just a light beard trim with scissors or clippers and edging up the lines with a Razor is all it takes to get the best of both worlds clean and casual.


We concede that a person’s look must correlate with their image and style. Our experienced group of professional stylists will guide you into crafting the appearance of your choice. Our variety of dynamic barbers can suggest a variety of different styles. Walking you through every way of the process from uncovering the proper shape, to coinciding the covent features of your face to match your attributes we guide you every step of the way in order to achieve a like minded goal which is to discover what suits you the best.

Full Shave

We start by laying you down in our vintage old school barber chairs then move on to preparing your skin for the wet shave experience by applying and massaging the menthol based cooling cream, following with an application of the hot moisturizing homemade shaving cream and applying a hot towel to coat it off in order to exfoliate the dead skin cells and ripen the facial hair before we lift it away from the skin and allow the straight edge razor blade to do its magic. After the first procedure we apply a layer of cleansing cream and prepare the skin for another go around in order to remove all blemishes from the skin and to top it all off we apply a special after shave along with a cold towel to revive your skin and tighten all pores for you to enjoy the best skin you possibly can.

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